Terry has 40+ years in the Food Service industry.  As owner Terry leads the team in successful sales and innovative ideas.


Sales Team










Terry Blackaby - President & Executive Manager

Karen Cox             Karen has had 13 years in the Foodservice

business focusing primarily on local operators and regional chain accounts.


Chris Armstrong    Chris has a strong sales background in multiple areas of the business. Chris has been in the sales industry for 30 + years.

Justin Cress             Justin began his foodservice career as a server and bartender building himself up to leading his team to multiple awards.  Justin transitioned into Foodservice and still making great strides in the business.  

Torre Blackaby         Torre came with acute knowledge of the foodservice business and is excelling in ride with and school shows. 

Kenny Burnette     Kenny is highly knowledgable in sales strategies, cold call strategies, presentations and sales projections. 

Ronnie Prince          Ronnie has more than 30 years in the foodservice industry.  Ronnie has handled our school bids for the past 10 years.  


Customer Service

Susan Clark - Susan has over 30 years in the Foodservice industry.  She can help you with any of your foodservice needs.